First time generated multi-quadrant data of the Axiom propeller reflected the symmetric feature of this propeller, as such the ahead and astern (thrust and torque) performance of the Axiom propeller had close similarity.

During the quadrant tests NO erosive cavitation was observed

Although the observations were conducted in atmospheric condition without any particular full-scale condition, these observations still will provide invaluable information on the cavitation behaviour of a typical Axiom propeller.

"Perhaps the most striking nature of the presented data is the symmetric nature of the Axiom Propeller performance for almost all quadrants, i.e. 1st quadrant vs 2nd quadrant and 3rd vs 4rd as well as the skew symmetry of Ct an Cq curves whilst this will not be the case for the conventional propellers which are usually optimised for forward motion only. Obviously this is a favorable attribute for the Axiom Propeller for stopping and reversing as well as controlling the course keeping in both directions, ahead and astern, with similar performance."

Newcastle University UK 2010.

The Axiom propeller offers a unique advantage for the narrow boat and small craft market where manoeuverability is key.  The Mk II tested in the Emerson Cavitation Tunnel, added to this accolade with a dramatic increase in performance following a well executed design optimisation by Axiom Propellers.  The design shows great promise and has the potential to dominate its designated market.

Dr. Roderick Sampson. Beng (Hons) Mres, PhD. Senior Naval Architect. May 2012

Cavitation for beginners video - click here.



Axiom Propeller tests in the Emerson Cavitation Tunnel

Third International Symposium on Marine Propulsors smp'13, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, May 2013

M. Atlar,1 R. Sampson,2 K.C. Seo,1 A. Watts 3 & D. Watts 3