Axiom DWS sailing propellers

- Customer's report a fuel saving of upto 15%.

- Scientifically proven to have equal thrust in both ahead and astern.

- Straighter and more precise stopping, with the large reduction in prop walk.

- Controlled, powerful reversing.

- Reduced wake and wash coming from the boat.

- Huge reduction's in vibration throughout the vessel.

- Greatly reduced rudder/tiller vibration.

- Patented tough and robust blade design.

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Compared to a screw propeller, the Axiom provides immense benefit to shipping through a huge reduction in induced and axial rotation. With a conventional screw, Negative Slip moves more water than is actually needed to propel a vessel, wasting the energy which goes into rotating the water instead of accelerating it.

The propellers are made, in the main, from AB2 (a form of NiAIBr). They are designed to fit conventional shaft and pod arrangements, with controllable 'pitch', feathering and folding types in development. Engine horse power and revolutions per minute are controlled by the overall diameter and the angle of attack (shear) of the blades.


The Axiom DWS is available in two, three and four blade forms and gives vessels the ability to maintain a faster average speed, even in adverse conditions, thus reducing passage time and providing an immense benefit to shipping. Reduced propeller slip reduces fuel usage by five to eight per cent. Due to its blade shape, with no pitch, the four quadrant data of the DWS is uniform, resulting in equal, smooth thrust leaving the blades, removing the need to fit energy saving devices that straighten out the water flow before and after the propeller. Slip has been reduced giving improved and more economic passage times. Less wash is produced and there are enhanced handling and stopping characteristics.

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His comments are backed up by cavitation tunnel and open water testing, both providing proof that the Axiom prop has equal thrust ahead and astern due to its blade form with 'symmetric characteristics in almost all quadrants. 

The DWS prop is the result of many years of research and development and is designed specifically to have improved performance together with better handling and stopping. The prop is unique in its blade symmetry, giving equal thrust ahead and astern, never before achieved with marine propellers.

Over the last four years we have been perfecting our propeller techniques allowing Axiom to expand into different markets. No-one has produced anything significantly new for many years. There have been small innovations, but nothing on the scale of the DWS propeller with its completely redesigned blades.

A marine screw moves 15 per cent more water than it needs to due to induced rotation, which is pure waste.